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SafetyNetCase Study

From inception in 1994, PMR Products has grown from a designer and integrator of private mobile radio (PMR) systems to become a highly respected innovator in the more general field of wireless applications; combining the merits of different technologies into an integrated set of tools tailored to bespoke individual requirements.

Within the PMR sector, our SafetyNet product has led the way in analogue and digital technology by providing new and innovative ways of getting the very best out of standard equipment where possible; adapted and enhanced using additional hardware and software as appropriate.

We are now in an age where it’s technologically possible to do many different things with a whole host of wireless platforms. We maximise the potential of each by integrating their capabilities into specific solutions to achieve the highest performance and flexibility.


Our innovative SafetyNet platform is our core product, developed for over 20 years and adapting to new technology as it become available. The core ideas remain the same; the SafetyNet platform is a flexible, modular and integrated package that provides a range of tools that can be adapted to meet very specific applications.

SafetyNet MESH is our latest development providing wireless and secure data backhaul for reporting Real Time Location, Alarms, Diagnostics or other Critical Telemetry information.

We work very closely with carefully selected sales partners who have specific and unique experience in defined vertical sectors. By utilising experts, we can gather market intelligence quickly and precisely to feed back to our design team. This ensures that our products are not only suitable for the markets we work within, but lead the way in developing new and innovative ways of doing things and setting new trends and ways of working.

Our philosophy

We maintain control of our systems by providing the core design and using manufacturers’ equipment as the peripherals. This allows total flexibility for us to give our customers exactly what they need.


We keep up-to-date with new products and are passionate about the continuous improvement of processes and the flow of ideas. Our team of engineers and market specialists expertly match customer needs to the best available technology, for the right price.


Our SafetyNet product completely changed the way in which communications were used within the UK Prison sector. By examining how control rooms worked, we adapted the way in which the equipment they relied upon was being used, adding new functions to improve efficiency and safety and providing SafetyNet as the overriding control room management system.

Since the first system was installed in 1996, SafetyNet has become the de-facto standard in the sector. It evolved to champion the use of digital radio in 2010, which led to developing further new functions such as personnel location and data services.

With the use of the latest wireless and I0T technologies, SafetyNet ties together various processes and uses the best of these to produce a very powerful, integrated system.

The provision of a single system that can manage multiple processes and technologies and combine them into a simple and easily presented flow of information to managers and users is the DNA of our designs.

Our designers are working on new ideas all the time. The new world requires more expert systems to intelligently take on management roles and provide only the information which is vital to each application.

We provide a short summary of vital information which is accurate and concise, allowing decisions and actions to be taken.

We believe that less is more – clear communication, and a reduction of the data overload imposed by our modern world is our vision for SafetyNet Digital.