Asset Tracking


Our indoor asset location modules and software solution is designed for tracking valuable or essential items around a defined area. It can be used in any indoor situation but especially in confined spaces and challenging areas where existing infrastructure like GPS or WiFi fails to provide total coverage or the required level of accuracy and integrity. Our ‘Where is it?’ and ‘How is it?’ offering provides answers to both the real-time location and the status of the asset.

Intelligent Asset Location

Tracking of assets can offer considerable improvements in efficiency and cost savings by reducing loss though theft or reduction of inventory through better control of where assets are at any time.

This approach uses a small, battery powered device to track positions relative to a network of beacons. Fundamentally, this tells you where your asset is currently located and a record of where it’s been.

Asset location combined with other information is designed to produce management tools which could include; automatic scheduling of equipment, servicing notification, unauthorised movements of equipment or failure of assets.

Our expert solutions can go further by providing automated management functions of your assets by association of the asset with a person which, for example, can prevent an authorised individual operating a specific machine.

As with every one of our solutions, we offer escalation level notifications to multiple devices including mobile phones, DMR and TETRA Two Way Radios, tablets and desktops, in the form of an email, text or even a voice prompt.

We can also interface with the emerging IoT devices which allows for the inclusion of data from a range of different devices such as body sensors, telemetry devices and sensing technology to create a simple yet powerful tool for your business.


  • Small, battery operated tracking device
  • Single intuitive software platform- SafetyNet platform for desktop PC’s and tablets
  • Integration with IoT sensing technology
  • Dynamic reporting tools for movement of users
  • Escalation levels of notification for alarms and devices
  • Real Time location using SafetyNet MESH technology
  • Active RFID tags
  • Geo-fencing and proximity zoning
  • Designed for Mission Critical, robust applications
  • Available as a hosted or cloud solution
Asset and Personnel location