Expert Systems


Expert systems can be created as a complete solution which uses wireless network data to make intelligent decisions and generate instructions for your workforce. We use an ‘internet of things’ approach of intelligence and connectivity, which allows us to interact with multiple devices and sensors, resulting in creating a simple yet powerful tool for your business. See below for examples of our expert systems:

Intelligent location system

Our intelligent location system works by association of the asset with the person which, for example, can prevent an unauthorised individual operating a specific machine. As with every one of our solutions, we offer escalation levels notifications to multiple devices including mobile phones, DMR and TETRA Two Way Radios, tablets and desktops in a form of an email, text or even a voice prompt.

Remote workforce monitoring

Our works ordersolution gives you full control and mobility over your workforce. It is designed to provide an efficient tool for allocating tasks and receiving live updates upon their completion. In conjunction with our location module this is a very powerful automation tool for assigning jobs by the location of the individual.


  • Live updates of the job status
  • Dynamic reporting tools
  • Automated work scheduling
  • Indoor/outdoor location
  • Single intuitive software platform- SafetyNet
  • Dynamic reporting tools
  • Escalation levels of notification
  • Interacting with multiple devices such as mobile phones, DMR & TETRA radios, desktops, tablets and pagers
  • Real Time Location using self-healing Zigbee MESH technology
  • Designed for Mission Critical, robust applications
  • Available on our SMART App