People Tracking


Our approach to technology development focuses on both the safety and the health of the individual. Our ‘Where are you?’ and ‘How are you?’ offering provides answers to both the location and the wellbeing of the person in question.

Workforce location tags

Our intelligent RTLS indoor and outdoor location solutions combine wireless beacon and GPS technologies to provide location information. Location data is distributed using our SafetyNet MESH technology.

Our SafetyNet software platform provides the functions required for monitoring and reporting movements, location mapping for security and personal safety, or combining location with other data to make intelligent decisions and take appropriate action.

A new approach is to expand location information by combining IoT technology to communicate with multiple devices and sensors and collect additional data to create a simple yet powerful tool for your business. With a BLE (low powered Bluetooth) for example, we can interact with 3rd party sensors and devices and use information collected as part of an integrated solution. SafetyNet provides this single integrated software platform.


  • Indoor/outdoor location
  • Man Down and Lone Worker functions incorporated with location
  • Single intuitive software platform- SafetyNet for desktop PC’s and tablets
  • Integration with sensing technology
  • Dynamic reporting tools for movement of users
  • Escalation levels of notification for alarms
  • Location tracking of DMR & TETRA radios over ZigBee beacons
  • Real Time Location devices using SafetyNet MESH technology
  • Geo-fencing and proximity zoning
  • Designed for Mission Critical, robust applications
  • Available as a hosted or cloud solution
Personal Alarm Unit