Safety in numbers

When we first got introduced to Lisa and BCRP we didn’t anticipate just how big an impact our technology would have on helping to prevent crime in Brighton and Hove community.

Lisa Perretta and her team have been championing this incredible initiative for over 10 years and we feel proud to have supported her through this time.

So what exactly is BCRP and what made it so successful and effective?

‘Brighton & Hove Business Crime Reduction Partnership is a partnership-based approach to preventing crime and disorder.  The partnership, at its simplest, is an intelligence gathering and information sharing system that leads to the effective prevention of crime and disorder.

With over 475 members the Brighton & Hove Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) is the largest in the UK. Members range from large multiple retailers to the small independent traders and vast array of pubs, clubs and restaurants which Brighton is renowned for’- explains Lisa.

The technology part is a vital ingredient to connect everybody and provide intelligence and data for an effective response.

It operates on a Hytera DMR radio network with our SafetyNet platform and secure password protected website and app which provides accurate intelligence and up-to-date images of offenders.

But that’s not everything, BCRP is an ongoing process that reaches in many directions.

‘It provides crime prevention training, runs restorative justice sessions and operates an Exclusion Notice Scheme which bans prolific offenders from all BCRP premises.

Using intelligence gathered from members and the Police, the BCRP also refers offenders to partner agencies to secure support to address their offending behaviour in order to reduce the chances of re-offending.

Over the past decade it has helped hundreds of businesses around the city to increase their profitability by reducing crime and anti-social behaviour on and near their premises. The multi-award winning scheme works to create a safe environment for businesses and their customers through an effective partnership with Sussex Police and the local authority.

Crime, and just as importantly the fear of crime, has a significant negative impact on the profitability of business. The scheme helps to reduce shoplifting, alcohol related disorder, anti-social behaviour, street drinking, begging and theft from premises and customers.

Business Crime Reduction Partnerships are even more important now due to the reducing number of police we can expect to see on the streets of our towns and cities and the challenges of the economic climate we face ahead.’- Lisa Perretta

This is one of many town safety schemes we have been supporting over the years using what we know best- our intelligent and cutting edge technology- to make a significant difference in improving safety and communication amongst communities. Now, more than ever, it is important that we have effective mesures put in place to ensure fast response and share intelligence in critical situations.

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Where are you, how are you?

I remember the first time I got to wear my steel toecaps (size 3!) and a hard hat. I was in a township in South Africa about to experience working with brick and mortar as I began to build my first house. The house of course wasn’t for me but for a family that previously lived in a tinned structure in a township. My eager enthusiasm and no building skills were carefully managed by a professional builder as he tried to bring me back to earth by making me mix bags of cement (with just a shovel).

That was 10 years ago and today I’m back on a construction site, this time in central London wearing the same steel toecaps and a hardhat. Instead of a brick I’ve got a tablet, instead of a shovel, a wearable Zigbee Mesh location tag.

So what exactly am I building here?- I’m glad you asked! I guess the simplest answer would be we’re building a safe environment for those that are working on this site. The banksman and crane drivers, the bricklayer and scaffolders, slingers, fitters and electricians all working together in this ever-changing and challenging environment.

Here at PMR Products we’ve been using cutting edge technology in all environments and construction became yet another example where we can apply our solutions to ensure safety, efficiency and mobility.

We like to keep it simple putting all the complexity and head scratching behind the scenes during our development work so that the user experience can be seamless.

This time the remit is clear, people and asset location in all environments (tunnels, remote sites, bridges, oil rigs), people plant interface and mustering/evacuation. Through our engagement in various project over the years we have listened and understand our clients well. No fuss, no cables, easy to deploy as the environment can change from one day to another.

Rather than introducing lots of new gadgets and ‘toys’ we have identified key primary devices and integrated our software and electronics into them. So the radio users continue to carry their two-way radios (with our smart microchip embedded in them), the mobile phone users have our SMART App running and everybody else wears our small location tags. The high value assets are equipped with our motion detected, location asset tags and our battery powered wireless beacons create a mesh network across the whole site. The large plant and excavators are fitted with our proximity sensors that alert both the driver and person nearby on their device. And then there’s the evacuation and muster points where SafetyNet provides live count and location of people across the site. And if that wasn’t enough there’s all that useful data and reports that can be easily generated by SafetyNet.

Sounds easy?- well it should! We could be talking about IoT and BLE, LAN, WAN and the Cloud and trust me we do (internally). But when our clients have so many decisions to make and so many challenges to tackle we prefer to keep it simple and focus on one thing and one thing only, the solution.


Ola Gwozdz

Head of Innovation and Business Development



We play it SAFE

Over 5 years ago when we first stepped inside the thick walls of Kilmarnock prison we were amazed by the vastness of this 500 cell facility. The brief was clear; provide robust, cutting edge communications with a personal alarm and internal location for each officer.

Prison guards and the prison staff wanted to feel safe and confident that they can get help quickly if a problem occurs.

This was a challenge right up our street as our home developed location devices could be fitted into the accessory socket of the radio and integrated within the existing infrastructure as one seamless system.

The main feature of the system was for radio users to be tracked anywhere inside the prison and grounds. This ensured that all staff could be located immediately if a problem arises and the personal alarm on the radio was the only button they need to press to raise help.

Recently we have been called for the BIG update. As technology has advanced so have our applications and our clients requirements became more sophisticated.

With the release of Hytera new TETRA radios we have developed our ZigBee microchips that fit right inside the radio providing seamless indoor (ZigBee) and outdoor (GPS) location of radio users.

In the control room, the user location and alarm appears on a map of the establishment allowing a controlled response to the exact location of the incident by a dedicated team defined within a single talkgroup.

  • PT580 is a very robust radio much better suited to the harsh life within a shared user environment
  • Automatic updates of where users location is possible
  • Orange button on the radio raises a personal alarm
  • Control room staff can see instantly on a schematic diagram who’s in trouble
  • Resources can be deployed directly to the location where it’s needed. Full audit trail is possible showing staff movements along with recording audio
  • Can be applied to outdoor locations as well as indoor using GPS
  • Controlled response from control can be done discretely to the correct location without alerting inmates through general announcements
  • It is a retrofit to existing schemes, TETRA or DMR.
  • Radio terminal becomes a powerful single device providing; audio communications, personal alarm, tracker indoor, tracking outdoor, text messaging, paging.
  • Software can be added to perform other tasks such as guard duty scheduling, work orders, lone worker functions providing expert systems where decisions can be performed automatically.


SafetyNet Locator has a tracking feature which allows the deployment of staff to be viewed at an instant allowing resource to be planned more effectively. Tracking can be used to improve safety of its radio users by identifying exactly where personnel are operating especially in hazardous or threatening situations. Tracking can be turned off and positions only reported when an alarm is triggered or if a location request is sent from the control room.

All sounds very clever and somewhat complicated but fear not because as far as the users are concerned they just walk around with their radio and our fully automated SafetyNet intelligent system handles all the complexity helping to make Kilmarnock prison a safe and secure place to work in.

We are here!

We are here!

2017 started a very exciting year for PMR Products. With the launch of our new website, our innovative wireless portfolio and the new interface of our award-winning software SafetyNet, we are here to make a difference.

Over the last 23 years we have approached each project with an open mind and a creative flare using technology to push boundaries and most importantly, to solve problems. This attitude has moved us forward – often ahead of our times and what the current market was ready for. Today we approach the challenges our clients might have with a wealth of experience and tested solutions. With innovation at the forefront of our design, we aim never to say ‘we have arrived’ but rather ‘let’s go further’.

We embrace modern technology, test it and take it to the next level, integrating various components to create ONE powerful solution. This hybrid approach towards data, hardware and software all created under one roof by a great team of experts gives us a unique offering that we wish to share with our partners and our clients.

So, shall we talk?

Ola Gwozdz

Head of Innovation and Business Development

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