Where are you, how are you?

I remember the first time I got to wear my steel toecaps (size 3!) and a hard hat. I was in a township in South Africa about to experience working with brick and mortar as I began to build my first house. The house of course wasn’t for me but for a family that previously lived in a tinned structure in a township. My eager enthusiasm and no building skills were carefully managed by a professional builder as he tried to bring me back to earth by making me mix bags of cement (with just a shovel).

That was 10 years ago and today I’m back on a construction site, this time in central London wearing the same steel toecaps and a hardhat. Instead of a brick I’ve got a tablet, instead of a shovel, a wearable Zigbee Mesh location tag.

So what exactly am I building here?- I’m glad you asked! I guess the simplest answer would be we’re building a safe environment for those that are working on this site. The banksman and crane drivers, the bricklayer and scaffolders, slingers, fitters and electricians all working together in this ever-changing and challenging environment.

Here at PMR Products we’ve been using cutting edge technology in all environments and construction became yet another example where we can apply our solutions to ensure safety, efficiency and mobility.

We like to keep it simple putting all the complexity and head scratching behind the scenes during our development work so that the user experience can be seamless.

This time the remit is clear, people and asset location in all environments (tunnels, remote sites, bridges, oil rigs), people plant interface and mustering/evacuation. Through our engagement in various project over the years we have listened and understand our clients well. No fuss, no cables, easy to deploy as the environment can change from one day to another.

Rather than introducing lots of new gadgets and ‘toys’ we have identified key primary devices and integrated our software and electronics into them. So the radio users continue to carry their two-way radios (with our smart microchip embedded in them), the mobile phone users have our SMART App running and everybody else wears our small location tags. The high value assets are equipped with our motion detected, location asset tags and our battery powered wireless beacons create a mesh network across the whole site. The large plant and excavators are fitted with our proximity sensors that alert both the driver and person nearby on their device. And then there’s the evacuation and muster points where SafetyNet provides live count and location of people across the site. And if that wasn’t enough there’s all that useful data and reports that can be easily generated by SafetyNet.

Sounds easy?- well it should! We could be talking about IoT and BLE, LAN, WAN and the Cloud and trust me we do (internally). But when our clients have so many decisions to make and so many challenges to tackle we prefer to keep it simple and focus on one thing and one thing only, the solution.


Ola Gwozdz

Head of Innovation and Business Development



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